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We provide our customers with comprehensive services in customs representation for the importing and exporting of goods outside the European Union and the reporting of intra-EU goods movement in the Intrastat system. Our company can guarantee high-quality and comprehensive service regarding the needs and subsequent satisfaction of every client and be in compliance with the applicable legislation. We can provide this guarantee based on our long-term experience in negotiating customs regimes and reporting the Intrastat statistical agenda.




Customs proceedings

By using ČSAD UH customs declaration services, customers can avoid

  • the acquisition of costly software,
  • specialised employee training,
  • monitoring changes in legislation,
  • responsibility for data processing,
  • costly customs regime compliance measures,
  • drawing benefits from applicable European legislation (customs duties, taxes).


Documents required for representing the client in customs proceedings:

  • A photocopy of the Trade Licence, excerpt from the Commercial Register
  • A photocopy of the Decision to Assign a Tax Identification Number
  • An original copy of the Power of Attorney signed by the company’s statutory body
  • Other information:
    , Fax number, email address, mobile phone number, bank details, specification of a contact person in the company
  • EORI number


We offer the following services:


  • Representation in customs proceedings.
  • Completing the import declaration document.
  • Support in the physical inspection of goods.
  • Sending and archiving in XML and PDF formats.
  • Securing the customs deposit for all customs procedures as a guarantor for individual security using a guarantee document.



  • Representation in customs proceedings.
  • Completing the export declaration document.
  • Completing CMR bills of lading and other documents submitted in the customs procedure.
  • Completing the documents on the origin of goods EUR1 and status of goods ATR, T2L
  • Archiving Export Accompanying Documents in XML format.
  • Providing output confirmation in XML format.



  • Completing the transit customs declarations for internal and external transit – T1, T2 in the NCTS system.
  • Guarantee based on the Comprehensive Guarantee for transit.
  • Completing a Carnet TIR and electronic filing at Customs Office in the NCTS system.


Special customs procedures

  • Representation in customs proceedings.
  • Bonded warehouse.
  • Processing and preparation of applications for authorisation of economic regimes, implementation of economic regimes.
  • Inbound or outbound processing.
  • Temporary export and import.
  • Reprocessing under customs control.
  • Neutralisation of documents.



This is a system of data collection for monitoring the movement of goods between EU Member States. It processes and sends statistical data on the movement of goods between EU Member States in the framework of intra-EU trade, i.e. between the Czech Republic and other EU Member States, whereby the goods must cross the national border of the Czech Republic.

The obligation to report to Intrastat arises only for people registered in the Czech Republic for VAT (= reporting units) if they have received any goods from another Member State or have sent goods to another Member State of a value exceeding the set Intrastat reporting threshold, which is 12 million CZK separately for receiving and 12 million CZK separately for dispatching.


Qualified professionals who are regularly trained and are fully acquainted with the issues of customs regulations, including the EU Customs Code, customs tariffing (classification of goods according to the EU Customs Tariff – TARIC, including all changes and continuous updates), will provide you with continuous reporting to INTRASTAT, including possible changes and corrections of the competent Customs Office, or the General Directorate of Customs. The fee for external INTRASTAT administration is compensated by savings in wage costs and the costs of acquiring and periodically updating the required software.


  • Complete processing of documents for reporting to Intrastat.
  • Registration of clients to report data to Intrastat at CO.
  • Representation before the customs administration authorities.
  • Processing and filing corrective or negative reports.
  • Elaboration of INTRASTAT reports and sending them promptly to the customs office.
  • Standard consultancy is free of charge.
  • Experience with the classification of goods according to TARIC.
  • Complete software suite.
  • Confidentiality guarantee.



  • Pro forma invoices, invoices, or delivery notes for the received or dispatched goods.
  • Customs tariff item (if you do not know which, then a description of the goods in Czech).
  • Country of dispatch of the goods.
  • Country of origin of the goods.
  • Invoiced price (or price for customs purposes, where appropriate).
  • The exchange rate used to issue the invoice.
  • Net weight of the goods.
  • Quantity of the goods, trade (transaction) type – direct import, processing, return of goods, etc.
  • Delivery term (according to INCOTERMS – three-letter code, such as DAP, CPT, EXW, FCA, DAF, etc.)
  • Type of transport when crossing the border of the Czech Republic – road, air, railway, etc.


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