Domestic and international truck transport

Thanks to our fleet of vehicles and contract carriers, we are able to provide transport services of full-truck shipments at the highest level.

We specialise in the transport of goods to Western European countries such as France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Germany as well as to South-East European countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Our vehicles are equipped with TomTom telematics units. They provide drivers with high-quality and up-to-date navigation to new delivery points and information about the vehicle’s location, its technical condition, and the driver’s current activity.

Thanks to this information, we can provide up-to-date information about each shipment. For regular customers, we provide data for self-tracking the vehicle’s location.

We specialise in the transport of automotive, consumer, and chemical goods on pallets of any size.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are also able to transport special bulk-loaded shipments of machines, tractors, and steel products – tubes or bars.

Our standards are to carry out transport according to the just-in-time method and the transportation of ADR shipments.

Our fleet of vehicles is based on MAN trucks, and all semi-trailers have a size of 100 m3 (low deck) certified for transporting tires. To increase the security of goods against theft, our tarpaulins are fitted with steel cables.

Contacts Domestic and international truck transport
Libor Volas
Vedoucí oddělení celovozových zásilek
tel:+420 572 524 732
mobil: +420 602 594 733
Igor Kellner
Obchodní zástupce
tel:+420 572 524 222
mobil: +420 602 736 755
František Vystrčil, Ing.
Obchodní zástupce
tel:+420 572 524 223
mobil: +420 602 326 723