Logistics and warehousing

Logistics of dangerous goods (ADR)

In Pohořelice, near Brno, we have two logistic centres for storing hazardous liquid substances such as oils, combustibles, and other liquids, particularly those for use in the automotive industry.

We have a filling room we can fill oils from tanks into IBC containers or barrels.

Thanks to our own WMS (managed warehouse), we can closely monitor all warehouse operations. In addition to basic operations, we also perform oil co-packing.

We use bar code and QR code readers to speed up warehouse operations and accuracy.

We connect our WMS/TMS with the customer’s ERP, which provides an online data exchange about the status of the requirements for both WMS/TMS and the customer’s ERP.

In Uherské Hradiště we offer warehouse space for storing goods. We are also able to offer logistics operations, including distribution.

Contacts Logistics and warehousing
Petr Matyáš
Vedoucí logistiky
tel:+420 572 524 280
mobil: +420 724 253 283
Iva Čechová
Vedoucí oddělení celních služeb a logistiky Uherské Hradiště
tel:+420 572 524 241
mobil: +420 723 574 864